3D Bingo Wings

Charmelle London

3D Bingo Wings

  • Complete, effective and safe
  • Fat reduction, Inch loss
  • Bespoke treatment for each client


3D Bingo Wings
3D Bingo Wings at Charmelle London

Using a bespoke approach, this signature package is a unique non- invasive treatment using a combination of electro and duo cryo therapy in addition to 3D- RF skin tightening to effectively reduce fat, and tighten the skin in this common problem area. This treatment is best for targeting these stubborn areas that just won’t shift.

Using Duo 3D- cryotherapy we can target stubborn fat in this common problem area under the arms. A bespoke treatment plan will be devised to also tighten & tone the loose skin in this area for a complete approach using our 3D- RF technology for optimum results.

This treatment is packaged as a course of 8 to achieve optimum results.

On average you will see a 20% – 40% reduction of the fat in the localised area. As the body takes several months to flush out the dead fat cells, results will be visible after 6 – 12 weeks, however, due to the 3D- skin tightening element of this treatment, you notice a visible difference in the smoothness of the skin from 3-4 weeks during your course of treatments.


Single Session


Course of 8