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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The accumulation of lymph can cause swelling, congestion and pain. Lymphatic drainage massage practitioners use gentle and precise strokes to encourage the flow of lymph.

First, your therapist answers any questions you have about the treatment and helps you onto the treatment table.

Then, using specific, soft-pressure strokes across your face and neck, your therapist carefully massages along precise lymph flow lines.

Each motion may be repeated as many as 50 times. After your treatment, your therapist recommends a follow-up session if needed.

If you suffer from headaches or endless congestion consider treating your symptoms with a lymphatic drainage massage.

I just had a lymphatic drainage at Charmelle London and I will definitely be coming back!! The results are amazing and am so pleased with the service and outcome. Thank you!



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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Realxing
  • Renews your back
  • Bespoke targeting for each client