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MCA Scar Therapy

A fantastic treatment for anyone that would like to improve the appearance and feel of a scars, burns and stretch marks.

Both scars and burns can be treated with MCA 12 months after the skin has healed. The results are often visible after the first treatment; great for restoring confidence in those whose appearance and moral have both been affected by scarring. MCA works by stimulating the collagen, elastin and melanin activity in your skin forcing it to repair itself naturally. Using skill the area is treated helping to blend the scar with the surrounding healthy skin. Re-pigmenting the scar and relaxing the taught tissue helps improve the overall appearance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

MCA Therapy is carried out with the use of a specialist medical tattooing machine, using a dry needle technique (no pigment/colour used). The treatment consists of a needle that enters the surface layers of the skin, just enough to cause a minor trauma and stimulate blood flow to the area. The process causes minute punctures, which creates channels that trigger the body to produce collagen, melanin and elastin, in order to fill the wounds – therefore promoting further healing.

Whilst this isn’t a scar removal treatment (no such thing exists unfortunately), it can improve the look, feel, firmness and appearance of scars considerably.

Anyone who desires to reduce and smooth the appearence of scars on their body

This treatment really is fantastic for anyone that would like to improve the appearance and feel of a scars, burns and stretch marks. Whilst there is no guarantee as to the exact results, most clients will notice a marked improvement after just one treatment. Typically a course of treatment is 3-4 treatments to be carried out 4-6 weeks apart.

  • New tissue grows into the damaged skin and collagen, elastin and melanin production is stimulated as part of this new healing process.
  • Loose and sunken stretch marks fill out and appear smoother and firmer.
  • Discoloured scars start to normalise and skin tone/colour evens out.
  • Scars that are raised and bumpy flatten out and become less visible
  • Tight scars relax and become less restricted.
  • Areas of scar numbness begin to have returned feeling.


MCA Scar Therapy


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