FacebookShould You Add Cactus To Your Skincare Regime?

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Should You Add Cactus To Your Skincare Regime?

3rd April 2020

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It’s always interesting to hear about new skincare ingredients and the difference they can make to the quality of your skin - and there’s one ingredient that you may not have considered before... and that’s cactus!

It might seem like an unlikely choice, but in actual fact cactus water is incredibly high in electrolytes, which means it’s super hydrating - perfect for anyone out there with dry or flaky skin. It can also help prevent sun damage (which is a major contributor to fine lines and wrinkles), because it’s got lots of antioxidants in it as well.

Dry and dehydrated skin will really benefit from prickly pear cactus in products, as can acne-prone and sensitive skin, so if this sounds like you and you’ve been looking in the mirror of late, bemoaning the state of your skin, it could certainly be worth trying out.

The Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association’s Eleanor O’Connor recently spoke to the London Evening Standard about cactus in skincare, saying: “The most commonly used parts of cacti in the cosmetic industry are the fruits, which includes the seeds, and the flowers and stems of the cactus plant itself.

“Prickly pear, nopal cactus and the Queen of the Night species of cactus are widely used in skincare products.”

So that should give you a few ideas of what to look out for or what to ask skincare experts about the next time you pop into the salon - once they’re open again, of course.

With the pandemic currently ongoing and no close end in sight, there’s no better time than right now to prioritise skincare and start giving your skin a treat every now and again. What about adding cactus into the mix?

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