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How To Care For Your Eyebrows

1st April 2020

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So how do you go about maintaining good eyebrow health over the years? First of all, make sure that you invest in a good pair of tweezers - the most essential bit of kit you can buy where your brows are concerned.

And when it comes to the actual plucking, it’s important to remember that your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins, and you don’t want them to be entirely identical. Pluck a few hairs out day by day, rather than sitting down to get the job done in a single session. This will help to prevent over-plucking and your brows getting too thin.

If for whatever reason your brows do start to look a little patchy, start applying a serum of some kind to help bring them back to life and filling in any gaps you might have. You can also make your eyebrows look fuller by getting them tinted. In fact, you may discover that you actually have quite full eyebrows, but the hairs are lighter so you don’t notice them.

While you can use serums to keep your eyebrows well under your control, you may want to avoid clogging them up with your moisturisers and foundation. Be gentle with your face, as you don’t want to pull any hairs out unnecessarily.

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